Choosing the right drink for your sport

Karoline Bjerkeli Grøvdal

Powerade ION4 What does it do? When should I drink it?
4-7g Carbohydrates per 100ml Isotonic sports drinks are ideal for rehydrating and fuelling during endurance exercise and sports Isotonic sports drinks such as Powerade ION4 are the most common drinks for athletes.
46mg -115 mg of sodium per 100ml They are designed to effectively replace the fluids and minerals that are lost by sweating. They also provide a boost of carbohydrates (fuel) and help to sustain physical performance. They’re best suited for those competing in team sports and endurance events, and those exercising for 30 minutes or longer at a high intensity, or for 60 minutes or longer at any intensity.

Although Powerade ZERO is not classified as a sports drink, it may also be useful to compare it to the drinks listed above.

Powerade Zero What does it do? When should I drink it?
It’s lightly flavoured which encourages you to drink and help you to keep adequately hydrated. Contains sodium to replace that lost in sweat during your fitness session. Recommended for lighter training or low/moderate intensity exercise lasting less than 60 minutes.
0g Carbohydrates per 100ml
50mg of sodium per 100ml
Designed for when fuel replenishment isn’t essential and extra calories through drinking are unwanted during a light fitness sessions. Ideal for individuals who are calorie conscious and exercise with the objective of weight maintenance and maintaining general fitness.