The challenge with football is that it mixes things up. Over a 90-minute game you’ll have high-intensity passages of play broken up with lower-intensity jogging, walking or even standing at rest. Your body will deal with different challenges: regulating your temperature or using up fuel, for example.

Fortunately for your body, the half-time break – as well as the unofficial breaks for subs or injuries – gives you a chance to recover, and to take on appropriate fluids and carbs (or fuel).

  • Keep an eye on your body’s fluid levels. One way to do this is to check the colour of your urine (seriously!). If it’s pale, like lemonade, your body’s getting enough fluid. If it’s dark (think apple juice) then you need to drink more.
  • Remember: a sports drink, like Powerade ION4, contains additional sodium and carbs. These can help you to sustain endurance / physical performance. For more info, take a look at